CS:GO Panorama UI 2018 – FPS Boost ?

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CSGO Panorama UI trend for CSGO Gamers.Valve says for CSGO Panorama UI 2018 design:

“Today we’re launching a preview of the all-new Panorama UI for CS:GO. This visual overhaul is the most substantial change to the look and feel of CS:GO since the game was released in 2012. From the Main Menu to the Scoreboard, the entire experience of interacting with the game has been updated.”

One of the mind-blowing questions is whether to FPS  increase or decrease.

Simple answer is yes.CSGO Panorama UI boosting your FPS.But it is not a huge value.Maps will load faster.

CS:GO Panaroma UI 2018

We don’t know CSGO Panaroma UI release date but will be in the next 2 weeks at the latest.

Panaroma UI for CSGO is so cool.Let’s inspect some screenshots !

csgo panaroma ui

csgo panaroma ui 2018

panaroma ui for csgo

csgo maps

what is panaroma ui csgo

What is CSGO Panorama UI ?

Panorama UI is better than normal UI.More functional,  simpler, appeal.

And my favorite design style.


Do you like panorama ui for csgo ? Please comment.



Low FPS in panorama UI problem is solved several days.And all old UI launch codes are removed.You can’t play in CS:GO old UI.

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