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Former BioWare GM says RPGs are ‘due a renaissance’

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The venture is still in the beginning times yet Flynn—who headed the studio in charge of both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age arrangement—would like to ‘drive what is conceivable’ in the class, with the guide of SpatialOS, Improbable’s own multiplayer-centered cloud stage. “We remain unbelievably bullish about where RPGs can go and I believe there’s an amazing measure of chance there with SpatialOS and RPGs,” Flynn says amid a meeting with PCGamesInsider at GDC.

“The best pretending recreations have dependably offered closeness and a specific measure of connections, right?” Flynn remarks. “Can SpatialOS do that with a generally little gathering of individuals? Definitely, I figure it can and there are things that SpatialOS can enable us to fabricate that assistance manufacture connections between players in a more profound, progressively important way.”

“Pretending as a classification, I feel, is expected for a renaissance,” says Flynn, however he concedes that he doesn’t have every one of the appropriate responses. He likewise recognizes the measure of work that should be done however appears to be certain that the group can think of something extraordinary.

“At the end of the day, we just want a bunch of players to have some fun and to do something they haven’t done before.”

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