Fortnite teases Avengers crossover event

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Update: There are as yet a few days until Fortnite’s Avengers hybrid occasion, without a moment to spare for Endgame, so implies more prods. This time, it’s an image of Stormbreaker, the extravagant hatchet fashioned for Thor amid Infinity War. It’s so amazing it can hitter Thanos, yet in Fortnite you’ll most likely be utilizing it to hack down trees and thump down structures.

Unique story: An Avengers hybrid occasion is coming to Fortnite.

As is regular with these secrets, Epic hasn’t given us a lot to go on—only a brassy picture with a Captain America shield and “Fortnite X Avengers” at the base—and the words “Whatever it takes” with a date: April 25, 2019.

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