Grand Theft Auto 6’s announcement is a good hoax, but still a hoax

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I’ll eat my underpants if it’s genuine, however an in-diversion message in GTA Online has been prodding the landing of Grand Theft Auto 6, truant some other flourish. The message implies to originate from Rockstar and it’s been accounted for by various individuals on various stages, joined by screenshots. It’s total hogwash, yet persuading drivel.

The message, basically expressing that GTA 6 is expected out one year from now, has been flying up finished the end of the week, and keeping in mind that it’s in all likelihood totally phony, it looks official. It’s not, obviously, but rather you can perceive how it could send fans into a foaming furor of theory and expectations.

Showcasing tricks and stealth declarations like this aren’t incredible, and Rockstar has never truly been effusive with regards to the press, so it would report GTA 6 in this offbeat way isn’t altogether mind boggling. Everything else is, be that as it may. The vicinity to Red Dead Redemption 2’s dispatch, a connection that doesn’t go down the declaration and the absence of some other proof all proposes horse crap.

So don’t get your expectations up.

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