There’s a Frontier-themed Steam sale this weekend

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Consistently brings another Steam deal, and throughout the following couple of days you can save money on Frontier’s whole scope of diversions on the store. Features incorporate Elite Dangerous for 65 percent off, with a similar rebate connected to its increasingly costly Commander release, which incorporates its extensions. Planet Coaster has a similar rebate, and there are littler value drops for its different DLC packs, in case you’re searching for more themed rides and so forth. A year ago’s Jurassic World Evolution is 65 percent off, as well.

The Dead Island arrangement (whatever happened to Dead Island 2, eh?) is likewise limited for now just, if that is something you’ve by one way or another never wound up playing throughout the years. The entire arrangement is 75 percent off in a group.

Our most grounded suggestion, however, goes to Return of the Obra Dinn, which was near being our GOTY for 2018, in the end finding the Best Puzzle Game honor. This weekend Lucas Pope’s amusement is 25 percent off on Steam, and it’s been refreshed with Chinese and Korean language choices.

The Frontier and Obra Dinn bargains last until April 22nd.

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